Bevmax 35 Classic R290 Cold Drink Vending Machine

Bevmax 35 Classic R290 Cold Drink Vending Machine

Crane Merchandising Systems

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  • We will introduce an 11.5% price increase on all Vending machines effective November 1, 2021. 
  • We will also introduce a 13% price increase on all machine spares effective January 1, 2022. 
  • We will introduce our new R290 machine range in 2022, we will communicate the 2022 prices for these machine types separately.
  • Following our 60 day review of the CRU100 index for steel, the £115 per machine surcharge remains in place as well.

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999 units

Brand:  Crane Merchandising Systems
Machine Size Range:  Choice of sizes available
Product Type(s):  Cans & Bottles
Energy Rating:  A+A++

BevMax 4

Quality | Satisfaction | Sustainability

BevMax4 image

Flexible merchandising options

The large, illuminated glass front of the BevMax 4 is lit by long-life low energy LED lighting, providing consumers with a clear, unobstructed view of all products available, allowing maximum sales impact and further enhancing its environmental credentials.

Why choose BevMax 4?

Market leading vend speed - the perfect solution for busy vend areas.

Vends 0.5l PET bottles on all trays.

Tall product pushers reduce the risk of product tipping.

Trays are free of wiring harnesses, motors or solenoids,ensuring reliable operation.

Dual delivery gates provide a truly shimless vending system, Bottles and cans of different sizes can be loaded and vended without adjusting the set up

“Fail safe” ramp design - encourages dropped bottles to fall into a recessed area ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Increased vend reliability - fault rate is 1 in 39,000 vends, driving service costs down.

Increased sales and profit vs. stack machine from same footprint.

Modular refrigeration system - improved performance and common with Merchant.

Door opens 90° flush allowing BevMax 4 to be positioned next to a wall or in a bank of machines.

One platform, 2 sizes = common parts.

Takes cold drinks vending to the BevMax!

The best has just got even better! The BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandising platform that showcases a large variety of product and reliably delivers it to the consumer every time.

The machine is also available in 2 model sizes, 35 select (990 mm wide) and 45 select (1181 mm wide), increasing its versatility even further!

Fast, smooth product delivery system

BevMax4 image BevMax4 image

Fast and accurate X-Y product delivery mechanism is able to vend virtually any permutation of cans, PET and glass bottles.

Delivery cup smoothly retrieves each vended product with little or no agitation.

The system provides total control throughout the vend cycle, eliminating the possibility of product tipping from the tray during or after the vend.

Delivery mechanism retracts out of sight in the bottom of the door providing customers with an unobstructed view of all available products.

Delivery hopper rotates and opens automatically when a product is dispensed into it.

Delivery port is vandal resistant, preventing pilfering from the cabinet.

Caring for the environment

The BevMax 4 is one of the most energy efficient, vending machines in the market-place today.

The machines have achieved impressive EVA EMP ratings of A+ (35 select) and A++ (45 select).

Maximum Reliability

Increased Profitability

Consistently Delivered

BevMax4 image

Visual style to enhance any location

The BevMax4 is available as standard in black/silver-grey door but can also be ordered completely black.

All machines are available with a choice of abstract or blue graphics.



BevMax 4 image


BevMax 4 image

Ultra blue

BevMax4 image

Refresh yourself with an ice-cold bottle or can...

...for the impressive BevMax 4!

BevMax 4 Specifications


Compatible with leading M.D.B. coin and cashless systems intuitive menu programming individual pricing by selection self test diagnostics.

Temperature Control

Programmable temp. range: 3° C -24° C

Refrigerant: R134A CFC free

Electrical Services

Voltage: 220/240 V AC

Frequency: 50 Hz

Current rating: 13 amps (max)







BevMax 4 35 select

1860 mm

813 mm

990 mm

247 kg

BevMax 4 45 select

1860 mm

813 mm

1118 mm

333 kg



Width (Products):

Depth (Products 0.5l PET):

Max number of trays:

Max number of selections:

Capacity 0.5l PET:

Min number of trays:

Min number of selections:

Capacity 0.5l PET:

BevMax 4 35 select









BevMax 4 45 select









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  1. The Contract
    1. The contract will cover the equipment listed in the schedule for any month following receipt in full of all payments due to The Company from The User.
    2. Service Cover can be defined as providing repair and maintenance to the equipment specified in The Schedule within a reasonable period of time from notification. (targeted response is 8 working hours) This service will be available during The Company's normal working week, Monday to Friday, and normal working hours of 08.30 to 18.00.
    3. All parts used in the repair of, or maintaining of, the machines will be supplied by The Company in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's own parts warranty terms & conditions.
    4. The following parts are not covered under the terms of this contract and The Company reserves the right to charge for call out, labour and parts at it's normal rates and terms current at the time:
      1. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of vandalism, manhandling, theft or attempted theft.
      2. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the use of incorrect or unsuitable ingredient or product.
      3. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the use of incorrect, foreign, badly damaged or spurious coins.
      4. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of the user's operator staff or contractors practices when filling and cleaning the equipment.
      5. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of hygiene component loss, damage or timely replacement when worn.
      6. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of usage beyond the equipments designed capacity and/or ability.
      7. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of water scale damage.
      8. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of equipment failure because of outside influence.
      9. Parts damaged or service calls made as a result of restricted ventilation to the refrigeration unit.
      10. Parts not covered within the equipment manufacturer's own parts warranty terms & conditions.
      11. Service calls made due to a non machine fault and/or no fault found upon attendance.
      12. Service calls aborted due to access to site or keys for equipment not being available on any site visit or machine installation.
      13. Service calls and/or repairs to fridge units and/or electronic boards fitted to machines of over 3 years old.
      14. Service calls and/or repairs to cashless systems. (These are covered exclusively by the cashless system provider under their own contract conditions and terms.)
    5. The following services are not covered under the terms of this contract and The Company reserves the right to charge for call out, labour and parts at it's normal rates and terms current at the time:
      1. Adjustment to beverage dispensers following a change of products dispensed, unless agreed by the company in writing.
      2. Adjustment to food or snack vendors following a change in size, shape or weight of items to be vended, unless agreed by the company in writing.
      3. Changes of vend prices, or changes to the range of coins accepted.
      4. Cleaning and/or sanitising of the equipment due to lack of performance by The User's staff or contractors in carrying out the cleaning routines or faults caused by negligence on the part of The User's staff or contractors.
      5. Training of The User's operator staff or contractors past that carried out as part of The Company's initial machine installation service.
      6. Routine changing of gas bottles, lights and filters or any routine which is the responsibility of The User's staff and/or contractors.
      7. Pressurised Boiler Tests. These must, by law, be carried out only by a fully approved and fully independent pressuried vessel testing contractor.
  2. The Company Agrees
    1. That upon our acceptance of an order  plus receipt of the appropriate payment, to provide The User with the following service: On site equipment repair service (as per paragraph 1) and to carry out preventative maintenance checks while on site and/or during water filter exchanges.
    2. To install and commission the equipment at The User's premises subject to The User completing and returning a satisfactory site survey.
    3. To train the User's designated staff or contractors in the procedures pertaining to proper use and operation of the equipment.
    4. To replace water filter cartridges twice annually on all hot drink dispensing equipment.
  3. Charges
    1. During the minimum period of this maintenance contract the total maintenance charge for the machines listed in the schedule will be as declared on the relevant invoice at time of entering contract.
    2. The first charge must be paid in advance on the signing hereof and each subsequent charge must be paid in advance alongside the equipment rental schedule.

  4. Assignment & Transfer of Contract
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    2. This contract is not otherwise transferable or reassignable unless agreed in writing by both parties.
  5. In consideration of the forgoing The User agrees:
    1. To allow The Company's service staff free access to the equipment at all reasonable times. 
    2. To allow master locks to be fitted where deemed necessary by The Company and carried out at The User's expense.
    3. To clean and sanitise the equipment to the satisfaction of The Company and in compliance with the Health and Safety at Works act.
    4. To absolve The Company of any liability for the failure to perform the obligation if such failure is caused by force majeure, fire, storm, war, civil disorder or any other circumstances beyond control of either party.
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