Crane Merchandising Systems Vending Machine Range includes the best selling CRANE BEVMAX Cold Drink Vending amp; CRANE SHOPPERTRON-2 Fresh Food Vending Machines.

A comprehensive range of Snack Food Vending Machines, Coffee Machines amp; Automatic Hot Drink Machines allow Crane Merchandising Systems to provide a Total Vending Solution for every situation.

CRANE HoReCa Coffee Machines

CRANE HoReCa Coffee Machines

CRANE Counter Top HoReCa Coffee Machines

CRANE Automatic Hot Drink Machines

CRANE Automatic Hot Drink Machines

CRANE Fully Automatic Hot Drinks Vending Machines


CRANE Food, Snack & Cold Drink Machines

CRANE Food, Snack & Cold Drink Machines

CRANE Fresh Food, Snack & Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Why Choose Vending Machines from Crane Merchanding Systems?

  • One Platform
  • Focus on Innovation and Connectivity

  • Superior User Experience and Interface

  • Global Company, Local Support


What difference does the MEDIA platform make?

Developing the most intuitive vending machines on the market today was not just the intention, it was the result. Designed with the expertise of Crane Merchandising Systems, the MEDIA platform revolutionised unattended retail.

The CRANE MEDIA platform offers an enhanced user experience through customisable graphics, a touch screen user interface, interactive promotions and a virtual shopping cart. These differences transform a typical interaction with a vending machine into an experience that connects people to their way of living. Crane Merchandising Systems CONNECTED PLATFORM COMBINING CONNECTIVITY AND ENGAGEMENT Why does a connected platform matter? A connected platform revolutionises the way operators manage their businesses and transforms the way consumers interact with their stores. Performing over-the-air software updates, changing planograms and making price changes saves operators time and money by eliminating unnecessary trips to machines. Multiple cashless options, suggestive selling, product advertisements, custom storefronts and shopping cart features provide consumers with the modern retail shopping experience they expect. Managing a store remotely and creating an engaging experience for the consumer is why more operators choose the Crane Connected Platform. SUSTAINABILITY amp; CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Why sustainability and corporate responsibility are so important Crane Merchandising Systems is committed to serving as an eco-friendly partner that continuously seeks to improve the environmental performance of our products. Crane Merchandising Systems machines are manufactured with 40% recycled material, are at least 82% recyclable at end of life, feature reduced energy consumption up to 41% during off-peak times. They include a waste reduction cup sensor allowing the use of your own mug, jug or bottle, and our brewer uses up to 15% less ingredients while still serving better drink quality, and reduces both waste and ldquo;paper outrdquo; service calls. Each year, employees of Crane Merchandising Systems sponsor donations through a charitable trust called The Crane Fund for Widows and Children, which was established in 1914 by the children of founder, R.T. Crane. The purpose of this charitable trust is to create positive impact for the under-served in areas Crane has business units. The philanthropy of Crane doesnrsquo;t end with the communities in which Crane Merchandising Systems operates, but also extends to former employees. R.T. Crane said, ldquo;a loyal employee gives something besides his labor and the employer should recognize that fact.rdquo; Two years after his death, the children of R.T. Crane established The Crane Fund to provide financial assistance to eligible former Crane Merchandising Systems. This serves as reminder of legacy and lesson in the power of individual leadership and responsibility.

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