Beverage Blend GOLD ROAST Coffee Beans (6x1kg)

Beverage Blend GOLD ROAST Coffee Beans (6x1kg)

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6 units

Brand:  Cafexpress
Ingredient Format:  Whole Roast Coffee Bean
Vending Approved:  Yes
Vegan:  Yes

Beverage Blend GOLD ROAST Coffee Beans (6 x 1kg)

Specially formulated for best results in 'ESP' Coffee Brewers ...

Beverage Blend Gold beans produce a rich full-bodied espresso, with notes of milk chocolate, cream and hazelnut. Well balanced with subtle citrus acidity, nutty sweetness and a cocoa bitterness.

This coffee is particularly good with food and is our single best seller to food service customers such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and sandwich bars.

Gramme Throw: 1g per Fluid Ounce

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • 18 month shelf life from manufacture.. 

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