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A carefully selected range of Hot Chocolate Ingredients for Catering, Office Coffee Services amp; for use in all types of Vending Machines.

Hot Chocolate Ingredients are very dense so Hot Chocolate cannisters need to be set properly to work correctly and avoid damage to your Hot Drink Machine.

Cafexpress are happy to give free advice on that. It#39;s a very simple job, once you know how.

Hot Chocolate Drink

Hot Chocolate Drink

Hot Chocolate Drink Ingredients

Drinking Chocolate - Other

Drinking Chocolate - Other

If you can't find it in our Best Sellers range you willl almost certainly find it in here!

Guidance on Instant Hot Chocolate Drink ...

The saying, in chocolately circles, that quot;good chocolate yields good hot chocolatequot; is actualy a bit more than just plain old commonsense.

A characteristic of chocolate being that it#39;s unique flavors are amplified, more so than diluted, with the addition of warm milk or water.

It is that which makes a good quality Hot Chocolate mix well worth some extra spend.

Many hot chocolate mixes are made from chocolate powder, which is what remains of the cacao bean once the cocoa butter is extracted. When cacao is roasted the shells are removed and the beans are put into equipment that crunches them and extracts the fat, or cocoa butter, used to make chocolate. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, is a byproduct of making chocolate and is the primary ingredient in many lower priced powdered hot chocolate mixes.

Telling the quality of a Hot Chocolate Drink just from it#39;s pack is not easy though. Not even cocoa content is a reliable indicator as a quality cocoa at a low percentage can produce a superior Hot Chocolate Drink to one made of lower quality cocoa at a percentage that is, comparatively, high.

Many of our customers experiment with several different Hot Chocolate Drinks before settling on the one they deem provides them the biggest #39;Choco-Bang#39; per buck.

Not giving anything away here, might be pure coincidence, but the Imperial Blue Royal Dutch Chocolate brand accounts for well over 90% of all our repeat Hot Chocolate Drink Sales.



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