DUCALE - Automatic Coffee Machines

Ducale produces and sells premium automatic coffee machines, equipped with the best technologies on the market. In its DNA, tradition and innovation come together to offer to the final consumer exceptional drinks. Ducale has been and is, nbsp;now more than ever, a point of reference in the world of coffee, capable to inspire its customers, to reinvent itself in something new and better, with the clear awareness of being one of the most appreciated automatic coffee machines manufacturer in the world.

Ducalersquo;s vacuum system was designed with the aim to solve one of the biggest problems in the vending sector: how to store the coffee beans.
Thanks to the innovative Ducale system, nowadays it is possible to keep unaltered their quality and organoleptic characteristics for long periods. The device, invented and patented by Ducale, completely automatically creates and maintains a vacuum inside the coffee bean canister so consumers are guaranteed the quality of freshly ground beans when selecting their beverage.

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