Since its debut in 1996, Cafection has gained the trust of the industry through reliable and innovative fresh brew coffee equipment. Thanks to a sales force throughout North America and a high quality customer service, Cafection has become a leader in the office coffee service market. Our mission is to provide high quality coffee experiences to the consumers. This is why customer service and proximity are so important to us. With over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, Cafection has developed strong partnerships with leaders in their fields of work.

Cafection still strives to remain on top of the industry trends. In 2012, our company proudly launched the world first internet-connected and remotely manageable coffee machines, and in 2014, we introduced the largest brew group of the industry ndash; another world first! Cafection is all about innovation, technology and manufacturing equipment that will stand the test of time while keeping the most important aspect of the original Avalon brewer: delivering nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee.

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