Kenco Westminster Sachets 60g (w/ 10 Filter Papers) (10 Units)

Kenco Westminster Sachets 60g (w/ 10 Filter Papers) (10 Units)


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490 units

Model:  NWT074D
Brand:  Kenco

One sachet makes three pints of coffee. 60g 3 PintFilter papers included.Kenco Westminster medium roast filter coffee.A smooth and fruity coffee in 60g sachets for optimum freshness.
Why use Kenco?
Kenco's coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, where forests are protected and rivers, soils and wildlife conserved. Kenco choose the best beans and the best eco-friendly packaging, it's the thought - that makes the difference - that counts.Great coffee is made with great care. It's the care Kenco takes - at every stage of production - that makes the coffee you love.Kenco makes coffee while the sun shines. During the dry season Kenco hand picks their coffee 'cherries' when they're at their ripest!How do you guarantee the best quality?
Kenco dries the superiour beans from the coffee cherries under the tropical afternoon sun, and they do it evenly so they're perfectly dried all 'round. That means turning them every half hour or so.
Only the best quality beans are selected for roasting - at just the right temperature to create just the right flavour.
Your cup of Kenco coffee tastes even better when you know that it's grown using sustainable farming methods.Kenco's friendship with the Rainforest Alliance ensures a better living for the people and their families who grow your coffee. It also helps protect the environment and the wildlife that depend on it. Proof, as if it were needed, that good taste and good work can go together!
Kenco buys all the beans for their freeze dried range from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. That's 100% commitment to providing the coffee growing community with better wages, education, healthcare and environment protection - a better move forward all around.

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